List of 8 best right-wing strikers in the world today

At present, which names are on the list of the best right-wing strikers in the world, with bookmaker SLOTVIP we will review them in the content shared below. Of course, the evaluation criteria are based on their outstanding contributions throughout their careers. The list is not a ranking, so it has no comparative value.

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Absolute 10 points when talking about Mohamed Salah as the best right-wing striker in the world today. Don’t be too surprised by the impressive performance of the “King of Egypt” in the period 2017 – 2020, transforming Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool from a team hoping to qualify for C1 to becoming the 2019 Champions League champion later.

His contribution is too great with his acceleration, skillful dribbling, and precise finishing ability. This makes it difficult for Premier League defenders to face him every time. Currently, he almost has a collection of trophies in the Premier League, the only thing missing is the title for the team at the top of the major schools.

Serge Gnabry (Bayern Munich)

With the excellence of Serge Gnabry, Bayern Munich had the elephant ear trophy in 2020. He has almost marked all of Bayern Munich’s goals since he joined the team in 2017. Serge Gnabry showed his talent through his incredible running speed and daring finishing ability. He is an indispensable name in the Bayern Munich team, it is obvious that he is on this list.

Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)

Born in 2001, Saka has been an indispensable pillar of the Arsenal club. A player with speed, sharp attack, and good coordination are strengths that help this young player compete with other stars. In addition to playing as a right-wing striker, Saka is also versatile as he can play as a midfielder or left-back. For Arteta, he is his most beloved student, the pride of the Gunners.

Rodrygo (Real Madrid)

Rodrygo (Real Madrid)

Brazil has never lacked talent on the field and Real Madrid was very wise in bringing Rodrygo to the Bernabeu. This boy born in 2001 can compete for the ball well and his pass success rate is also very high at 89%. The most memorable mark was Rodrygo’s brilliance in the 2022 Champions League semi-final match against Manchester City, helping the club go straight to the final and win the cup that year.

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Federico Chiesa (Juventus)

In Chiesa, we can easily see this player’s patience, perseverance, and determination. As long as he has strength, he still keeps fighting. In addition, he has strength in agility, so almost every ball that comes to his feet creates “good” opportunities.

Chiesa’s most outstanding achievement was during Euro 2020 when he and the Italian team won the cup from England. For Chiesa, this is an important link between the Juventus team and the Italian team, so if there is a chance to be honored again, Chiesa will be on the list.

Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City)

Half of the people in Manchester will sometimes regret the departure of Riyad Mahrez when he is no longer with this club. He is the most reliable right-wing striker that Man City has ever owned, with the ability to dribble like no one else, the ability to pass and create breakthroughs. That’s what we remember about him, a striker who contributed greatly to the C1 championship in 2023.

Miguel Almiron (Newcastle United)

Almiron’s efforts paid off when Newcastle United had a chance to play in the most prestigious arena “Champions League” 2024. He has good resourcefulness, especially his enthusiastic playing spirit. In 2022, Almiron contributed greatly to helping the club reach the top 3 of the Premier League and the C3 Cup, a major title for a long time.

In Almiron we see the durability of a machine from Paraguay, maybe you will see his admirable performance in the upcoming Asian arena. Looking forward to a prestigious left handicap like this.

Dejan Kulusevski (Tottenham Hotspur)

Dejan Kulusevski is the priority choice for Hotspur’s attack. The Swedish player continuously shines in the matches he is present in and is a sharp scorer outside the penalty area with skillful long-range shots. Even though he is a striker, he knows how to share goals with his teammates through unexpected assists.

His presence on the field is not only a “core gun” but also a strong catalyst to revive the team’s spirit. From these points, it is not too difficult to put him on the list, although currently Tottenham is said to be a broken team, not determined to win in every match.


And that is the list of the top 8 best right-wing strikers in the world at the moment. The above list is compiled based on several evaluation standards from experts. We hope you are satisfied with this result.

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