Double Betting Guide – How to Make Money from Sports Betting

SLOTVIP Double Betting Guide will help you take advantage of a highly profitable bet.

A Double bet, often referred to as “acca”, usually consists of four or more selections, all of which must win for the bet to be successful.

Other types of combination bets, such as doubles (two selections) or trebles (three selections) are also popular bets, but this guide will focus on the more ambitious Double bets.

The main attraction of this bet is the ability to turn a small bet into a big win. This is due to the structure of this type of bet, where the winnings from each successful selection (plus the original bet) are carried over to the next selection.

That snowball effect can dramatically increase the overall odds, even if you’re fielding five or six soccer teams or tennis players who are all heavily favored to win the game. their matches.

The price you pay for those attractive odds is that this bet is an “all or nothing” gamble. It only takes one of your selections to let you down – a late equalizer, a close loser – and your entire bet is gone.

How to Double Bet

How to Double Bet

Double Betting Guide? The first thing to remember is that your picks don’t have to be the same sport, the same market, or take place on the same day.

Double betting on football or horse racing on a Saturday afternoon remains a popular choice, but you can also place long-term (or pre-season) bets, including football teams winning the league or cup championship, golfers winning upcoming tournaments, or horses winning big races at the end of the season.

Regardless of your approach, working out your potential winnings from this bet is easy – simply add each selection to the betting slip and the system will calculate the overall odds for Friend.

For example, if you select four selections with odds of 7/5, 2/5, 9/4, and 2/1 respectively, the bet slip will show four times the odds (another term for this bet). four options) pays about 1/31. This means that a £10 stake would return (approximately) £320 – the original stake plus £310 in profit.

Doing the Maths

Doing the Maths

So how exactly is it calculated? Let’s say we go back to math class and calculate together:

Bet £10 on Option A at odds of 7/5. It won, returning £14.

That £14 plus the original £10 (£24) goes to Option B at odds of 2/5. It returned £9.60 in winnings. £9.60 + £24 = £33.60.

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Placing £33.60 on Option C at odds of 9/4 returns £75.60 in winnings.

Add on £33.60 and you have £109.20 going towards the final selection, Option D at odds of 2/1.

If you win, the bet returns £218.40, plus £109.20, so a total profit of £327.60.

Doing the Maths

Consider carefully how much you feel comfortable betting on different Dual bets. A six-selection bet on football teams, each with around 1/5 odds of winning, would be worth betting more than a four-selection bet on horses with odds January 8, January 6, January 12, and January 16.

With wise choices and a sound betting plan, this bet can be a great way for punters to get a decent win from a modest stake.

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