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How to bet on cockfighting accurately and get the most money in your pocket today is probably the question SLOTVIP bookmakers hear the most today, especially during the coming Tet and spring holidays. With its attractiveness and diversity of bets, cockfighting has become popular everywhere especially at most online bookmakers today with many attractive winning opportunities for players. SLOTVIP brothers.

Learn about the concept of cockfighting betting type: What is SLOTVIP?

Learn about the concept of cockfighting betting type: What is SLOTVIP?

A long time ago, cockfighting became one of the most famous game names and attracts hundreds, thousands of followers every day. The starting point of cockfighting is a fun folk game that takes place during the Spring Festival days in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.

With the participation of a large number of cockfighting enthusiasts, to increase the drama of the game, people have organized additional money betting to predict which side will be the winning cock. win. This has led to the birth of cockfighting betting with many different cockfighting betting methods that are enjoyed by the SLOTVIP brothers.

Discover popular ways to bet on cockfighting at SLOTVIP today

Discover popular ways to bet on cockfighting at SLOTVIP today

At the current online bookmaker SLOTVIP, one of the rare reputable bookmaker names in the Philippine gaming industry, there are many types of attractive online games for you to bet on. Among them is cockfighting betting with simple cockfighting betting methods for new bettors registered to SLOTVIP to choose from.

A popular form of cockfighting at SLOTVIP

  • First of all, the most popular types of cockfighting betting today at bookmaker SLOTVIP include the following names:
  • American cock betting: First of all, when mentioning SLOTVIP, we must mention the type of American cock betting with huge, huge-legged chickens that bring players the most satisfying moments.
  • Fighting cockfighting: At SLOTVIP, it is also currently a very hot hit with fighting cockfighting betting with elaborately and meticulously selected fighting cocks with strong strength to defeat opponents in one fell swoop.
  • Fighting chicken breeds: With small stature, these traditional fighting chicken breeds are loved by many SLOTVIP brothers because of their excellent endurance and resistance.
  • Peruvian cock fight: Not only do we have American chickens and traditional breed chickens, but SLOTVIP also provides you with eye-catching fights about Peruvian fighting cocks with standard moves.
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How to bet on cockfighting on standard money at SLOTVIP

  • With the variety of cockfighting betting forms mentioned above, at bookmaker SLOTVIP, bettors will also experience equally diverse cockfighting betting options:
  • Meron bet: This is known as a bet on the house’s fighting rooster, the upper bet will win for the SLOTVIP brothers. Normally, in any match, the house’s odds of winning cocks are high, with the possibility of winning being equally high.
  • Wala cock bet: With this Wala bet, is considered a bet for the fighting cock from the player’s side to win. The amount of money bet on these fighting chickens is usually quite large, but to win, they still lose more than the chickens from Meron.
  • BDD bet: There is a bet on the house and a bet on the player’s cock, there will also be a bet on whether the cock will fight to a draw, which is BDD. This bet is not rare, it can always happen, but only with a low frequency.

The difficulty when participating in cockfighting betting methods at SLOTVIP Bookmaker

The difficulty when participating in cockfighting betting methods at SLOTVIP Bookmaker

For many new players who have just registered to join the SLOTVIP bookmaker to play cockfighting betting to satisfy their passion, please stop by for 5 seconds with us to learn about the difficulties you may encounter as follows:

  • First, it is playing cockfighting online, not playing directly like the traditional way in real life, so the SLOTVIP brothers should not expect too much about winning because it is mainly based on the element of luck.
  • If you are a new player, a new player who has just registered to join SLOTVIP will often not have much experience in observing and choosing a quality fighting cock for themselves. Therefore, it is very necessary to consult and learn information about cockfighting from previous SLOTVIP experts.
  • One more thing for new SLOTVIP players is that when playing cockfighting betting, you should not put money or bet too hastily, instead, you have to think to be able to give yourself the odds and forms of betting. best fit.


From the information from the experts at online bookmaker SLOTVIP, bettors must have gained more knowledge and an overview of how to bet on cockfighting most accurately as well as the difficulties they face. Newbies may encounter this problem when they first participate in cockfighting betting at the bookmaker. Coming to SLOTVIP bookmaker, bettors can be completely assured because the bets here all have a friendly interface, giving players great cockfighting experiences.

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