How to calculate Baccarat cards accurately from experts

How to calculate Baccarat cards is one of the most important information that Baccarat players need to know, especially new players. After this article, 77JL casino will summarize and help you with the overview as well as details on how to calculate when playing Baccarat.

Why do players need to know how to calculate Baccarat cards?

Baccarat card calculation is essentially the rules and calculation form to determine the result of a Baccarat game. When understanding good methods, players will have an easier time calculating to determine the outcome of the game. It also helps players keep up with the progress of the game, avoiding falling behind their opponents.

Those who are new to the game will sometimes think that Baccarat is a type of card that completely depends on luck. However, when you understand correctly and participate in actual play, you will no longer have that thought. Because, in addition to luck, if you have experience and tips, it will be easier for players to have an advantage and win more easily.

Knowing how to calculate the results, players seem to have an additional tool to help them determine the next steps in a game. At the same time, it also helps them determine the right way to play as well as improve their chances of bringing home the highest reward from the house.

Terms you need to know when playing Baccarat

Terms you need to know when playing Baccarat
  • The next step when starting to learn about how to play Baccarat, you supplement your knowledge of terms or slang words used by people in the world. Some of the following terms will help you avoid the most basic mistakes:
  • The term “Player”: The term refers to the person participating in the game and the betting window for their bets
  • The term “Banker”: Along with “Player”, the “Banker” door refers to the house and the betting door for them when making cards.
  • “Player Pair” betting form: In this betting form, the player will bet that the pair will appear on the Player’s side. The most special thing here is that the bonus for this form is very high, often 11 times higher than normal.
  • Bet from “Banker Pair”: Like “Player Pair”, predicts a pair will appear at the Banker door.
  • “Perfect Pair” – 25 times the bonus: This is a term that refers to a form of bet where both Player and Banker have pairs and those pairs are especially of the same quality.
  • Big Baccarat and Small Baccarat: This is a betting method related to the point distance of the Player compared to the Banker. Big Baccarat is a bet for players to predict a point difference of 5 – 6 points and vice versa, Small Baccarat is a bet where the point difference is about 2 – 4 points.
  • “Either Pair” pair bet: A bet related to the prediction of having a pair.
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How to calculate Baccarat cards accurately and effectively

After learning about some commonly used Baccarat terms and slang, players should focus on researching scoring methods. Some of the scoring methods most used by experts are the following:

Traditional method of calculating Baccarat points for new players

With the simplest method that surely every player has played before, it requires you to calculate the scores of the player’s decks. From there, compare the results, the player with the highest score, less than 9, will become the winner.

In this calculation, people have assigned to each card in the entire deck a certain number of points from 0 to 9. The 0 points in Baccarat are specified as the 10 card and the western cards including J, Q, and K. At the same time, card A is also determined by bookmakers and players with the result being number 1.

A “Tie” match is a situation when the two participating sides, including Player and Banker, are tied with the same number of points. This is a bet where the player will win if the final result of the bet is a draw.

The folding method is extremely attractive through the cards

Along with patience and a sufficient capital level, players should apply the folding method. This method helps players earn bigger rewards but is also a bit safer than the other methods.

Hopefully, with the above information on how to calculate Baccarat cards from professional and veteran players, you will apply and practice successfully. We also hope to continue to accompany you in the articles. provide information later.

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