Uno card game: how to play and tips

The Uno card game is a familiar game that attracts many players of all ages. This article by Wowjili will provide detailed instructions on playing Uno and “invincible” tips to help you take the initiative in every game.

Learn about Uno card

Learn about Uno card

Uno is a colorful and vibrant card game that originated from a simple idea by American barber Merle Robbins in 1971. By 1978, Uno was published by International Games, Inc., bought back, and released publicly. The game quickly attracted popularity because of its simple, easy-to-understand rules and high entertainment.

In 1983, Mattel, Inc. released the game Uno. It was acquired and continued to develop with many new versions, diverse in themes and functions.

Today, Uno has become one of the most attractive card games in the world and has sold more than 150 million sets. Uno is loved by people of all ages, from children to adults, for its fun, simplicity, and ability to connect people.

Instructions on how to play Uno effectively

Instructions on how to play Uno

Follow along with instructions on how to play Uno through the information we share below:

Prepare before playing

Before playing, you need to understand the game’s basic rules, scoring methods, particular card types, and card drawing rules. In addition, you must refer to more advanced game rules to increase the strategy of your card game.

Then, you choose the traditional Uno deck or the new Uno version with unique functions. You need to check the number of cards and make sure the condition is intact.

Start the game

The first step is to deal the cards. The player will be dealt 7 cards, and the first card will be placed face down as the starting card.


You will take turns playing cards in rounds. Players must match their cards of the same color, same number or same function with the face-down card on the table. If there is no suitable card, the player must draw 1 card. This card game aims to play all the cards in your hand before your opponents.

Special types of cards

When playing Uno, you need to look at particular types of cards, specifically:

Skip turn: Skip the next player’s turn.

Draw 2: Force the next person to draw 2 cards and lose their turn.

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Reversal: Change the direction of play according to the round.

Choose Color: Allows the player to choose the next color.

Draw 3: Force the next person to draw 4 cards and lose their turn, and you get to choose the next color.

Tips for playing Uno

Tips for playing Uno

Below is detailed information giving you tips to win more easily when playing Uno:

  • Analyze your opponent’s psychology: Observe your opponent’s gestures and expressions to guess which cards are “weighing” on them.
  • Proactively change color: If a card changes color, use it appropriately to reverse the situation.
  • Put pressure on your opponent: Hit quickly and hard to pressure your opponent to draw cards proactively.
  • Avoid giving out too much information: When playing cards, be careful when talking or reacting to avoid revealing your strategy.
  • Continuous practice: Only by constant practice and exposure to many opponents can one become a master at Uno. You should also never stop learning and improving your skills.
  • It can be seen that the secret to “invincible victories” when playing the Uno card game not only lies in luck but also requires strategy, logical thinking, and understanding in observing opponents. Please apply the above tips and practice your skills to become the best in every Uno game.

Some note

Playing Uno is an entertaining and exciting game, but also full of drama and challenges. To have an enjoyable and successful gaming experience, please refer to some notes when playing Uno below:

  • Understand the game rules: Before starting to play Uno, carefully read and understand the game rules to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and arguments.
  • Always find a way to analyze the situation: Carefully monitor your opponent’s cards and arrange your cards most flexibly and effectively.
  • Play with strategic thinking: Uno is a game of luck and requires strategic thinking and wisdom in making decisions.
  • Use benefits when possible: If you can use the benefits of the card “Wild” or “Draw Four”, take advantage to reverse the situation or create difficulties for your opponent.
  • Stay relaxed and happy: Finally, remember that Uno is an entertaining and fun game, so always stay calm and not too stressed when playing.

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