French football betting – Everything bettors need to know

What is French football betting? Is it a type of odds like European odds or Asian odds? These questions will be answered by SLOTVIP right in this article.

French football odds

French football odds

French football betting is simply betting on matches in France, where football is also the king sport, or international football matches that France participates in. That means French football odds are not a new type of betting.

The popularity of French football betting is increasingly popular due to the appeal of the Ligue 1, and Coupe de France tournaments, and the participation of the French team in prestigious arenas such as the World Cup and Euro. In addition, reliability and safety in French football betting are also guaranteed thanks to famous bookmakers such as Winamax, PMU, and Unibet.

In addition, French football betting is also very diverse from predicting the final result, score, number of goals, etc. This adds to the thrill and excitement for players as they follow and cheer for their favorite team.

Popular types of French football bets

Popular types of French football bets

In the diverse world of French football betting, several types of bets are popular and frequently used, including:

Asian Handicap

This is a very popular type of online soccer bet. It involves the stronger team “handicapping” the weaker team with a certain number of goals to reduce their advantage. For example, if team A handicaps team B by one goal, team A needs to win by at least two goals to “win the bet”.

Over/under odds

This type of bet is also known as Over/Under. When participating in Over/Under betting, players do not need to predict which team will win or lose. Instead, the focus of this bet is to predict whether the total number of goals in the match will or will not exceed a certain threshold set by the bookmaker before the match.

The house will determine a specific number for the total number of goals, usually an odd number like 2.5 goals. You choose “Over” if you believe that the total number of goals scored in the match will be more than the set betting threshold, for example over 2.5 goals. On the contrary, you choose “Under” if you predict the total number of goals will be less than the betting threshold, for example, less than 2.5 goals.

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Accurate odds

Accurate house betting requires you to predict accurately in predicting the score of the match. This makes it one of the most difficult bets in soccer betting. However, this bet still attracts a large number of bettors because of the high reward rate it brings.

Half match bet

True to its name, this type of bet only focuses on each half of the match instead of the entire match. This allows players to make decisions based on how the team starts and adapts in the first or second half, rather than having to evaluate the entire match. Some teams may start the game strong and then slow down, while others may play slowly and rely on their second-half attack power to win.

Live betting

This type of bet means players can bet at any time during the match with odds that are continuously adjusted in real-time. This allows you to take advantage of unforeseen developments in football.

French football betting tips

French football betting tips

Like any type of football betting, you also need a few tips when betting on French football to limit risks when registering to participate, including:

Master match and team information

  • Before deciding to bet on a match, you need to gather all possible information about the participating teams. This includes assessing their current form, lineup, injury situation, match history, etc.

Choose a trustworthy dealer

  • With so many bookmakers today, choosing a reputable and trustworthy bookmaker is essential. Look for a bookmaker with a clear business license and is highly appreciated by the betting community. In addition, a good bookmaker not only offers a variety of bets and attractive odds but also regularly organizes valuable promotions.

Manage your budget intelligently

  • Success in betting is not only based on luck but also depends on how you manage your budget. You should:
  • Set a fixed budget for betting.
  • Never bet more than 2% of your capital on one match. This principle helps minimize risk and maintain the budget over the long term.
  • Don’t let emotions influence your betting decisions. Betting logically and based on analysis will help you avoid unnecessary losses.


So you know everything about French football betting and tips to minimize risks. Good luck and make a lot of bets.

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